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Company History

From Ernst Mayer envelope factory to mayer-network GmbH

Die Anfangszeiten der Ernst Mayer Briefhüllenfabrik1877
Ernst Mayer founds the company and opens the Ernst Mayer envelope factory in Heilbronn.

A subsidiary is founded in Dresden.
Mayer-Kuvert already have 500 employees.

On the 4th of December, all production sites are destroyed by bombing.

Edlef Bartl acquires the Ernst Mayer envelope factory in Heilbronn. With a specialised industry knowledge and wider ambitions, he has laid the foundations for the Mayer-Kuvert-network to become the industry leader in Europe.

The company moves into its current premises.
All production is now contained on one purpose built site.

The Mayer-Kuvert-network becomes the largest privately owned envelope company in Europe.

The group becomes the market leader in Europe.  

The Mayer-Kuvert-network has a workforce of 2400 employees at 50 sites in 23 countries. The group produces in excess of 20 billion envelopes a year.
Within several alliances, the Mayer-Kuvert-network can supply customers in almost every country in the world.
mayer-network GmbH becomes the central sales unit of Mayer-Kuvert-network in Germany. It originated from the sales divisons of Mayer-Kuvert and BlessOF as well as from former Clausnitzer + Kupa Kuvert GmbH.

Along with the sales division of Schneidewind + Wolff & Matthes Kuvert former network company NC Couvert is integrated into mayer-network GmbH. Papyrus Kuvert becomes part of the Mayer-Kuvert-network and joins mayer-network GmbH as Sales Office Southwest.

With the unexpected death of Edlef Bartl an era has come to an end on February 12, 2014. An eight-person management team, which has been installed by Edlef Bartl in 2013, has taken up his heritage with Thomas Schwarz as the new CEO of Mayer-Kuvert-network.

Lemppenau + Rössler Kuvert GmbH is integrated into mayer-network GmbH as "Sales Office Lemppenau + Rössler Kuvert".