Product portfolio

More than 600 different envelopes and pockets

Our assortment includes over 600 standard envelopes and packaging products which are permanently available from stock. 

A further main point of interest is the individual design of bespoke envelopes for your direct marketing. 

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Envelope-related online solutions

Besides envelope production we are also offering our own online solutions in the ranges Web-to-print, creation of mailings and reduction of Time-to-mailbox.

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Europes leading producer of envelopes

mayer-network is the central German distributor of the Mayer-Kuvert-network group, the biggest European envelope manufacturer operating over 30 companies in 16 countries. 

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Corporate Video

The leading envelope manufacturer

Our new corporate video presents our group of companies, its products and philosophies.

Mayer-Kuvert-network - corporate video

Scented envelopes

proSCENT - with "Green Grass" to new customers

Mayer-Kuvert-network has launched the new scented envelopes concept proSCENT, which targets the mood and the subconscious mind by utilising a time-delay operating principal. Something the internet cannot compete with! proSCENT transfers the technology of scent diffusers to letters. Therefore, the technology completely differs from the previously-known uses of scented papers. 

Together with the renowned perfume scientist, Dr. Patrick Hehn, a database system has been developed with the help of algorithms to assign different scents to certain mental associations, product areas and target groups. This way, scents can be deployed more specifically and effectively than before. 


Stefanie Schwarz as second executive manager

From now on mayer-network GmbH will be directed by two executive managers. Beside Thomas Schwarz, Stefanie Schwarz, née Bartl, has become an executive manager with power of sole representation of the central German distribution unity of the European envelope manufacturer Mayer-Kuvert-network. 

As a member of the management team and as an corporate executive, Stefanie Schwarz is also operating the business of the group which includes more than 40 companies.