Every day billions of envelopes are transported through the postal system but if you have a look in the post box you may realize how many are posted unprinted and without any message. 

However, with every plain envelope the sender misses the opportunity to utilize valuable advertising space. 

In order to demonstrate the wasted potential resulting from the dispatch of unprinted envelopes, we like to illustrate for you some sample calculations:

  • 80 DL envelopes correspond to the space of one table tennis table.
  • 1.360 DL envelopes are enough to the cover of a truck.
  • 5.200 DL envelopes is similar to the size of a tennis court.
  • 142.800 DL envelopes would cover an area to the size of a football pitch.
  • 706.000 DL envelopes correspond to the size of St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

We can convert your plain envelopes in to a means of promotion - cost-effective by overprinting.


Opportunities of overprinting:

    1- and 2-colour 3- and 4-colour
Size minimum   76 x 100 mm 76 x 100 mm
Size maximum   406 x 460 mm 406 x 460 mm
Grip edges   no 7 mm
Face and reverse printing   possible in one pass possible in two passes
Data for CTP   printable PDF, EPS printable PDF, EPS
Pattern   up to 60 up to 60
Grammages                           up to 170 g/m² up to 170 g/m²