Cygnus Excellence®

Premium envelopes for sophisticated and environmentally aware companies.

Special documents are worth the transport in specific means. Cygnus Excellence® envelopes give exactly this special touch to your business correspondence.

The elegant envelope made from bright white FSC® paper suggests to the recipient that the content may be a very special document.

The noble Cygnus Excellence® envelopes are perfectly suited for the dispatch of invitations, testimonials, applications and contracts including brochures and other representative print products.



  • Made of bright white FSC®-certified paper
  • Peel ‘n’seal flap adhesive with strip-seal
  • Consistent bright white paper
  • Inside printing with full tone colour
  • Complete opacity as a result of the printed blue honeycomb design inside
  • Exact and consistent reproduction of printed colours
  • Prestigious impression throughout the range of sizes
  • High quality flap adhesion due to hot melt gumming – 5 years-guarantee
  • Flap on the long side
  • High-quality packaging