Personalized marketing communication in the cloud

With Novadex solutions customers can create personalized marketing communication. Cross-channel. Easy. In the cloud.

The Novadex product range covers six products: Novadex Marketing Shop, Novadex Print, Novadex E-mail, Novadex Data Quality, Novadex Web und Novadex Business Mail. As core functionalities, all products provide personalization, campaign and contact management as well as an e-commerce system. All products can be used individually, or be combined as you wish.

The benefits of Novadex marketing solutions are obvious: world wide access to marketing documents. Easy personalization in line with corporate design and communication standards. Simple workflow. Quick response time and fast implementation. Significant time and cost savings.

With the professional solutions by Novadex, customers can increase their marketing efficiency significantly. Choose an innovative path and make your customer communication more personalized, effective and targeted.

In the past, Novadex offered one single cloud solution: LetterMaschine. As part of a rebranding campaign in March 2015, LetterMaschine has been transformed into the marketing solutions by Novadex.

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