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Klimaneutrale Produktion von BriefumschlägenCO2-neutral production

All over the world people have to struggle with the consequences of global warming. Cars, aeroplanes, factories all have contributed to the dramatic rise in CO2 concentration in the earth’s atmosphere which has increased by 30 % since the 19th century.

Although the Kyoto protocol of the United Nations schedules for a decline of the greenhouse gases, the CO2 emissions are constantly rising.

The companies of the Mayer-Kuvert-network group are facing their responsibility as the European market leader among the envelope manufacturers by being certified by the consulting firm Climate Partner to produce envelopes CO2 neutrally.

The CO2 emissions that remain after the measures that have already been taken to reduce it to a minimum during the process of envelope manufacture are now compensated by the purchase of ecologically high quality emission reduction certificates. Through these certificates we help to finance the construction of climate protection projects, for example hydropower or wind energy plants. These projects in themselves contribute towards reducing CO2 emissions into the earth’s atmosphere in the future. This is an effective and globally accepted practice!

Choose the CO2 neutral production of your envelopes in order to act against global warming!


Briefumschlag-Produktion mit ÖkostromManufacture with “green energy”

Following the general principle "first reduce, then neutralise" the Mayer-Kuvert-network focuses on green electricity from renewable sources of energy. By using "green energy" recovered from hydropower, the CO2 emissions during the energy generation go to zero. 

Mayer-Kuvert-network’s  customers have the opportunity to emphasise their ecological awareness by using production with "green energy" for their customised envelopes. The manufacturer already calculates the expected consumption of electricity in the run-up to the order and according to the result he buys green electricity certificates from his electricity supplier. The certification for the generation of electricity is made according to international standard of the RECS (Renewable Energy Certificate System).

We already use "green energy" for the manufacture of the environmentally-friendly Envirelope® as well as for all FSC® and FSC® recycling envelopes as standard. 

We also count on alternative energies with the printing on finished goods, as the printing department has been changed over to "green energy", so that we exclusively use green electricity for the printing of all advertising imprints.


Briefumschläge mit PLA-Fensterfolie aus nachwachsenden RohstoffenWindow film from renewable resources

The PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) film from the supplier Earth-First decomposes in industrial compost works and therefore complies with the test standard EN 13432 which deals with the bio-degradability and the compost ability. This film from renewable resources cannot be distinguished from conventional films. If you use environmental-friendly film for the windows of your envelopes, you emphasise your ecological awareness.

With the certification number 3400 S 80682 the German post confirms that the address behind the window material from bio-degradable window film is machine-readable.

Mayer-Kuvert-network already uses the window film from renewable resources for all FSC® articles as well as for the premium product Envirelope®. 

Now you can also choose to furnish your articles with PLA film. The additional costs are low for the savings in CO2 to be achieved.

By utilising the window area behind the window film, you can bring the message to your recipient that you use envelopes made from natural resources and that you demonstrate ecological awareness.


Deinkbare Innendruck-Farbe bei BriefumschlägenDeinkable flexo colour "EcoRecyColor" for bright white recycled paper

"You cannot produce bright white recycled paper from envelopes." This statement which has been valid since the concept of recycling is now a thing of the past! Because Mayer-Kuvert-network has broken through together with his ink supplier and developed a flexo colour that is completely deinkable. Due to a newly developed formulation we succeeded in completely separating the paper fibre and the ink.

So, envelopes with internal opaque printing can also be fed into the recycling process for white only paper. This was not possible until now, as during the de-inking process the colour could not be completely removed from the paper. The result was the typical recycled grey colour.

The new EcoRecyColor makes the white envelope a completely recyclable product and at the same time provides for a bright white recycled paper. This has been a critical challenge to overcome for the recycling of envelopes.

We already use EcoRecyColor for the manufacture of the CO2 neutral Envirelope® as standard. That makes a substantial contribution to the fact that the Envirelope® is an absolutely premium product regarding environment protection.

The deinkability of EcoRecyColor is confirmed in a certificate of the Technical University of Darmstadt dated September 22, 2008.


Druck mit Ökofarbe aus PflanzenölPrinting with eco inks made from pure plant oil

Mayer-Kuvert-network’s print plants use eco inks for both sheet fed offset printing and for the subsequent printing of envelopes.

For these inks only components based on renewable resources are used. Instead of mineral oils, these eco inks contain plant oils from soy, flax seeds or rapeseed.

During the subsequent recycling and the deinking process these plant oils are completely removable and therefore absolutely harmless.

Important for you as a customer of the group of companies: The brilliance and the print quality of the eco inks are as high a quality as synthetic inks. It is a keystone of Mayer-Kuvert-network’s environmental concept to use eco inks for all prints as standard.

By the way: Mayer-Kuvert-network has found ways to change the printing plants over to non-alcoholic print. That reduces CO2 emissions to a minimum and avoids environmentally damaging waste water, too. A further pleasing secondary effect: Also the employees of the printing plants may be glad, as the air at their working place will be much better - the typical printing plant smell is a thing of the past.


FSC®- und PEFC-zertifizierte BriefhüllenEnvelopes from environmentally managed forests

You can select the paper for your customised envelope. Do you want conventional offset paper, CO2 neutrally produced Impact paper or would you like to choose a FSC® or PEFC envelope made from paper that comes from sustainable managed forests?

The European Parliament considers the certification for FSC® and PEFC as equally appropriate to ensure that the fibres come from a 100 % sustainable forest cultivation.

The wood for the FSC® and PEFC paper passes through a circuit of exclusively certified companies from the forest enterprise up to the end consumer.

Besides "normal" FSC® paper you can also access a FSC® certified recycled paper. Contrary to "normal" recycled paper it consists of 100 % "post-consumer waste" and it does not have the usual fresh fibre content. For this reason these envelopes can not only be FSC® branded but also with the environmental label "Blue Angel". 

By the way: We use window foil from renewable resources for all FSC certified standard window envelopes. 


Briefumschläge mit verschiedenen Umweltlabeln wie dem Blauen EngelProduction in due consideration of environmental labels

Blue Angel:
The Blue Angel signals recycled paper from 100 % waste paper produced as far as possible without bleaching agents and chemical conditioning as well as free from a number of chemicals.

Eco-Label (EU-Flower):
The European environmental label identifies products which meet raised standards regarding their performance and environmental quality. It stands for low environmental pollution during the whole life cycle of the product - from the production to the disposal. 

Nordic Swan:
The Scandinavian eco label Nordic Swan identifies papers that comply with special requirements regarding the origin of the raw material and its composition, its emission limits during production as well as with some more ecological and social criteria.

TCF - totally chlorine free:
During the totally chlorine free production you do not bleach with chloric gas or chlorine compounds, but with oxygen compounds such as active oxygen, hydrogen peroxide and oxygen.